Aerospace Contacts

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Aerospace Contacts specializes in manufacturing MIL-SPEC contacts with modified terminations for the aerospace industry and contact assemblies of custom design. This capability includes making wire wrap, PC tail, crimp or solder cup terminations using state-of-the-art screw machines made by Tornos, Citizen and Tsugami.  Founded in 1999, Aerospace Contacts provides contacts for the majority of the connector manufacturers.  Aerospace Contacts was acquired by JW Hill Capital in January 2016 in partnership with Gemini Investors.

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Bandy Manufacturing

Located in Burbank, California, Bandy Manufacturing produces complex, close-tolerance hinges that are used on numerous commercial and military platforms.  Founded in 1952, the company’s expertise includes proprietary drilling processes that allow the company to manufacture long hinge lengths at very tight tolerances across a variety of materials including titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and bronze. Customers rely on the company’s expertise to handle complex aerospace parts, with the company producing over 100,000 hinges per year.  Bandy Machining was acquired by JW Hill Capital from GKN Aerospace in August 2017.

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Located in St. George, Utah, Intergalactic is a technology leader in next generation thermal management for the most demanding military and civil aviation applications.  The company’s vapor cycle environmental control systems meet the extreme thermal tolerance requirements of today’s applications while delivering superior efficiency, weight, power, scalability, and reliability.  These systems are a critical component of some of today’s most advanced weapon and sensor systems.

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Based in the US and Australia, Burrana produces cabin electronics systems for commercial aircraft.  Products include in-flight entertainment (IFE), in-seat power, and lighting systems with an installed base of over 1,400 aircraft.  Burrana was formed in January 2019 with the acquisition of the commercial IFE business from Collins Aerospace by digEcor and JW Hill Capital.

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